Prior publications

Some of my greatest hits, collected in one place for the sake of convenience:

1. Report of the Constitution Project’s Task Force on Detainee Treatment. The chapters I worked on most were: Chapter 3 (Iraq), Chapter 6 (Role of Medical Professionals in Detention and Interrogation Operations), Chapter 7 (True and False Confessions: The Efficacy of Torture and Brutal Interrogations), Chapter 10 (The Obama Administration), Appendix 1, and Appendix 2. The Task Force’s Findings and Recommendations are the closest equivalent to an executive summary.

2. Force Feeding: Guantanamo’s Shame, an op-ed published in the Los Angeles Times with my Task Force staff colleagues, Alka Pradhan and Kent Eiler.

3. Several recent weblog posts for the Constitution Project:

James Comey and OLC Torture Documents: A Chronology

The Very Secret Hearing

The Somewhat Less Secret Hearing

Senator Feinstein Criticizes Guantanamo Force Feeding

4. Return of the Renditioned, a September 2011 Foreign Policy piece on revelations about U.S. rendition to torture in the wake of the Arab Spring.

5. Sulayman the Malevolent, a Spring 2011 article in Middle East Report about former Egyptian mukhabarat head and Mubarak Vice President Omar Suleiman’s role in rendition and torture.

6. The Promises of Torturers: Diplomatic Assurances and the Legality of “Rendition,” my law school thesis, published in the Georgetown Immigration Law Journal in 2006. Link is to a purchase page, as there’s no free copy available online; if you email me I can probably send it though.

7. Torturous Passage, a very old article about rendition to torture from The American Prospect. 

There are a few very recent pieces from a Huffington Post blog, which I will likely just republish in their entirety for the sake of simplicity.


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